House Number and Mailbox Facelift

Our house numbers and mailbox were looking a little sad and tarnished. The picture of the mailbox is missing (because some stupid head didn’t take a picture, that would be me) but I assure you it looked really tarnished. So much so that you got goosebumps thinking of the sound it would make when you opened it.  So I got out my can of WD40 and sprayed the hinges of the mailbox and my can of black spray paint and sprayed away.




TA DA! House number and mailbox facelift!



I added some cherry blossom wall stickers to the fiancé’s dismay. He said he wants to paint something more gender neutral like birds on, to which I replied, “Sure, that would look great, but till then, the cherry blossoms stay.” So I expect the cherry blossoms will be around for another year or so.


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