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Use Every Cent from Your Gift Card Balance!


My Visa gift cards had a balance of $0.46 cents on one card and $0.73 on the other. Now, the FAQ section of gift card store says you can get the cashier to charge the balance of the card to your purchase and you can pay the remainder some other way, but most people are turned off by this because 1) you look like a cheap ass petty and 2) it’s not worth the embarrassment. If you’re like me, this will feel like unfinished business. So here’s how you do it:

  1. Check the exact balance on the website provided on the card and make note of it. In my case it was and the default phone number was 9999.
  2. Register your card if you haven’t already – this allows you to use it online.Screen shot 2014-08-08 at 2.07.24 PM.png
  3. Proceed to, sign in and click “Your Account”
  4. Under “Gift Cards” click “View Gift Card Balance” then “Purchase Gift Card” on the side bar
  5. Enter your details accordingly and choose to send via email and purchase.
  6. Open the email from Amazon, click “Redeem Now” and…Screen shot 2014-08-08 at 4.04.32 PM.png
  7. TA DA!! AMAZON CREDIT that never expires!

    Screen shot 2014-08-08 at 4.05.18 PM.png

And the balance the Balance from your gift cards? Gone! $0.00! Recycle it!

Now, you must think I’m crazy for wanting to use such a small amount of money, and sure I am, but I do it because it’s like a puzzle for me. I like figuring things out, it keeps me entertained and I like closing the loop. Also, I think major corporations already have enough money from this. Imagine if every Canadian left $1 unused in their gift cards, that would be 34 million dollars, or $360, 000 if Canadians left $0.01 – that’s right, one cent, a penny. Those jerks!

2 thoughts on “Use Every Cent from Your Gift Card Balance!”

  1. I tried this with my visa gift card that has $0.46 on it and amazon has minimum requirements! To reload its $0.50 and to buy a new one its $1 😦


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