An easy and pretty way to write on glossy surfaces


Use a marker and clear nail polish as a quick way to write on glossy surfaces!

The things you’ll need:





What you do:

Simply write on the glossy surface with your sharpie and use the clear nail polish to remove it. I used coloured nail polish pens to give them some dimension. When you’re bored of how it looks or you need to repurpose it, simply use some nail polish remover and wipe it off. You can probably stick it into the dishwasher a couple times before it peels off!

 Imagine labelling all mason jars in the pantry. All your teas and spices would look amazing – the possibilities are endless!

For this post, I used this olive oil and vinegar jars with the spouts for when I was on my no poo regime. It was perfect for the baking soda mix because the spout helped me get the solution right to my scalp. Also, labelling them Step 1 and Step 2 seemed a little less crude than “Baking Soda” and “Vinegar.” Here’s how they look on my butt bench.


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