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Getting over your fear of self-promotion!

Woot woot! I’ve finally finished my yoga posters.

I spent hours drafting up many posters then trashing them. At first, I thought I just couldn’t find the right design. But I realized it was not that.

It was the fact that I hated self-promotion. I guess it stems from my asian roots, we were always told never to show off and always be humble. And somehow making posters about myself seemed a little like bragging from my perspective. And who am I, little imperfect me, to brag? Even uploading picture of myself doing yoga postures on Instagram and Facebook was a struggle for me. Forget about selfies! That’s cray cray talk.

And in the last month I did all the above. I uploaded pictures on Instagram and Facebook…and a selfie!

What changed?

I realized that if I’m ever to make a stable living out of this and not return to a desk job, I’ve gotta get myself out there. I’ve got to stop that craziness and be honest with myself. I am proud of the work I’ve done to get where I am, and showing the work I’ve accomplished is not showing off. It’s saying I love who I am.

Trying to suppress who you really are so that you don’t offend anyone else isn’t any kind of way to live. You hear about it over and over and over again. Be who you are. As long as you’re not going around shooting anyone, free yourself from those chains and just be you.

Here are the posters that inspired this post.

Yoga Poster-page-001

Yoga Private Lesson-page-001

Another struggle I have besides self-promotion is perfectionism. When I worked with these posters, I saw pixelated photos, the angle and lighting were not quite right, maybe more graphics…

So to tie this entire post together, I’d like to say that you can pick apart a million things, and then you are left with nothing but a million parts. As Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

What matters is you are unique and you are beautiful. And if you see that in yourself, others do too.

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