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Part 4: Room Change, Mold sucks

Immediately after the incident with the mouse, I was told that morning to move out of the Manager’s Suite. Not because of the mouse, but because the Manager’s Suite was reserved for paying guests. It was part of the staff accommodation and was not part of the main hotel, but sometimes drivers from the mainland in need of a place to stay for the night would take it.

Either way, I was delighted to get out of there, so I moved within the day into the “yoga teacher’s room” (previously occupied by Lala) and I slept like a baby.

After all no mouse, no worries…it was pretty much so…until..



So it’s super humid here on Koh Chang – the most humid place I’ve ever been to. I’ve been to the Mexican jungle, the Indian jungle…hell, I grew up in Malaysia where it’s just sunshine and rain. So when I say it’s humid, you better believe it’s humid.

Anyway, with humidity, comes…



After living for 10 years in the Arctic, I conveniently forgot about mold…and gecko-poop on walls. But now, my memory is clear as crystal. And on the Friday night, I cracked open a bottle of Thai fruit wine and spend my afternoon scrubbing the mold away that had grown on my laptop bag, my camera case, purse and other dark fabrics. It seems the mold only likes dark fabrics as my white shirts were fine.

I used vinegar and laundry soap. Weeks have passed and so far, it has been good.

I did find some more yesterday on some shoes I put in a bag, so it seems that it will just be an ongoing battle for me. I believe it’s the design of the room which has badly ventilated. I’ve kept my fan going in my room for circulation and I’ll just have to keep an eye stuff for the first signs of it. I also bought like 10 dehumidifiers (made by a Malaysian company). Though I’m not entirely sure how well they work.


All things considered, it is a small price to pay for waking up to this every morning:


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