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How to Clean your Diva Cup

A while back I wrote about using the Diva Cup and why I like it and some other stuff about it.

After a while, you’ll notice your cup turns a little brown from the constant staining. And those holes…ewww, the buildup gets pretty gross. Well, you’ll never really get it to look brand new again, but you can get pretty close.

The website offers some tips on care and cleaning.


They say boil it under supervision. They say use toothpicks to get into those holes.

I say, “Eww, boiling my menstrual cup in a pot I cook with is gross.” And the toothpicks didn’t do a good job.

What did work for me. Baking soda and vinegar. Used to clean silicone baking dishes with so it’s safe for your cup – is there anything baking soda and vinegar can’t do?

Ahhh, and for the holes…I almost don’t wanna tell you. It’s genius. These babies:

brushes for braces


Those sample brushes that you get from your dentist for braces, even though you don’t have braces. Maybe he’s trying to tell you that you need them.

Well, Mr. Dentist…I say screw your skewed perception of beauty in relation to straight teeth! I’ll happily use them for my Diva Cup!

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