Freedom or Fear?

As I’m typing this blog post, this is my view right now.


Leaves as large as my body are fanned in the foreground, palm trees and other flowering plants in the background surround a lake. The rain has just stopped and the sound of the raindrops beat like the drums of nature. Perhaps it is this percussion-like rhythm that makes the birds and insects chirp loudly in excitement after each rainfall.

Yesterday, it was sunny and I spent my day at the beach. The water was turquoise and warm, just the way I like it. Today, it rained, which is to me equally as beautiful and a great day to stay indoors to write, paint or play music.

And so this is my life. How did I get so lucky? A few years ago I remember wearing a dress and high heels and the only time I was really immersed in nature was during my lunch hour run. And though I like my life in Calgary, I would choose this over that on any given day. Now, I am in nature all day, every day.

The only downside is probably not being able to purchase an authentic Louis Vuitton purse. I’d have to travel 6 hours to Bangkok to do that. But hey, wait a minute!!! I don’t need that! I don’t have any big meetings to go to where I can show off my purse, and if I brought it over to beach, it’s just going to get sand in it.

I much prefer this canvas bag I got for my birthday from the resort manager. I bring it around with me everywhere I go. It’s a simple handmade bag from a village local. When it gets a little dirty, I scrub it down with laundry detergent. It has got 23 elephants on it. Which is my fiancé’s birthdate and lucky number. I counted them because I had the time to. 🙂


How did I get so lucky? I tried. I tried and I got lucky. But had I not tried, I wouldn’t be here. Like they said, “If you want to win the lottery, you’d have to buy a ticket!”

Find out what is important to you. Health or wealth? Peace or position? Freedom or fear?

For most of us, wealth has to be accrued, and usually through working up the corporate ladder. There are those out that who are lucky enough to have both, but usually most of regular people who own vacation homes either have spent their whole lives working in an office. Which brings me to the next point, climbing up the corporate ladder usually leads to a higher position of power, with leads to heighten responsibility, which leads to fear of an even bigger failure.

When I worked in the corporate world, I met many many people who made 6-figures, drove BMWs, dressed to impress, and in my head, I knew that I would get there if I stayed in that universe. It was just a matter of time till I hit a certain age and had the right amount of experience on my résumé.

Sure for some, that way of life works for them. They crave the power. But for me, it just didn’t fit. And suffice to say, that future didn’t seem to enticing to me. At the end of the day, they were still caged animals in my eyes, with fancier cages and probably better food. So I knew I had to break loose. I escaped the cubicle life and ran free into the wild. And I can tell you that I’ve never felt so peaceful, so much bliss and so excited about life as I am right now on the island.

So if you had to choose, which will it be?


I know that for me, it was always the first of the two.

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