DIY Doggie Crate!

Our dog, Koya, can be kind of like a cat sometimes, she likes to squeeze into tight spaces and curl up to sleep. Other times, usually when we are asleep, she’ll sprawl as wide as she can on our bed and take up as much room as she possibly can. Here’s how I found her and JR one fine morning.


I know, she bullies him and he lets her.

Now, compare it to this picture I took of her on Instagram, when she was having an afternoon nap all by herself:


Same bed. She’s curled up so tightly, you could pack her in a sack.

For those times she wants to act like a cat, I decided to make her a little crate to curl up into using old fence boards, some scrap wood and paint. Here’s how it turned out:


Koya is quite pleased with her new cuddle crate and all ready for a nap with her Blue Bear. Also, notice how the bear doesn’t have any eyes? Yeah, she ripped them out the first chance she had – thought they looked weird.

"Ahhh, bears look so much better without eyes!" - Koya
“Ahhh, bears look so much better without eyes!” – Koya

 Update: Here’s another picture of Koya with her new Pink Monkey! JR won from that from the Whack-A-Mole booth at the Calgary Stampede.