My No Poo Fail

Almost every person on a no poo regime tells you that it’s not for everyone and I regret to tell you that I’m one of the “not-for-everyone” group. If you’re not sure what the no poo regime is, you have been living in a closet under the stairs like Harry Potter can find out more about it here and here. I tried the no poo hair regime for exactly two weeks on and off. I would have continued and I’m sure I would have loved it even more. But I just couldn’t. Why? Did you call me lazy??? How dare…well, That’s part of it, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Seriously, I really wanted this to work, I even bought the Costco pack of baking soda (see picture proof of baking soda pyramid above) and I even made little bottles for the solutions. So if you’re thinking of going no poo, please read what I have to say before you go to Costco.

About 4 days in to no poo, I went for a swim and washed my hair with baking soda. The first thing the very next day, I cheated on Mr. No Poo with Mr. Shampoo and Mr. Conditioner. Then I went back to Mr. No Poo, and then I cheated again after camping and never went back to him. Here’s why:

1) For swimming, the baking soda and vinegar just didn’t extinguish the chlorine smell the way my shampoo and conditioner did. And if I can smell the chlorine, I bet there was some residue in there which is why I cheated the very next day

2) For camping, I went without showering for about 4 days and I just felt really gross and I wanted to smell like peaches and coconut. I did use vinegar to eliminate the campfire smell and then I conditioned with my regular conditioner. Vinegar eliminates the smell of fire, but not chlorine surprisingly (which conditioner does). I guess it has to do with the earthiness. Vinegar can dispel/balance the earthy smell of fire, but it works with the chemical smell of chlorine, and coconut conditioner helps soften that smell. Maybe? 

3) Because I go to the gym/pool so often, I prefer the convenience of miniature shampoo bottles, rather than premixing the solutions. And bringing the full amount of baking soda and vinegar would just add weight to my already heavy gym bag. And I have really long hair (up to my waist). It’s just more convenient with the store bought stuff. Yes, this whole point can be said in one word, “laziness.”

4) Like point #3, I’ve grown fond of the smell of shampoo and conditioner. It’s comforting.

Conclusion: No poo is not for me, sadly 😦  That being said, I do like it when I was only it and I hope to try it again someday, maybe in the winter time when I’m less active.

Hopefully, this post will help some of you out there, and for the other no-poo-failures, you are not alone.