Painted River Rocks as Doorstoppers

DoorstopperHey Everybody!

You should really use painted river rocks as doorstoppers! Go on, give it a try. I realized that I need to blog about this important issue today because it has helped me in time management. Seriously switch to this method and you gain seconds of you life back!  These seconds can be put to microwaving your cold coffee a little longer than you thought you could. Or you could even make a new cup.

I prefer using painted river rock doorstopper over the wedge kind for two reasons:

1) I don’t have to unwedge them like I would with the regular wedge doorstopper. I move them gracefully with my foot and back again to hold the door open = Time and effort saved and it feels nice and smooth on the foot!

2) They look much prettier and the cool house factor is increased = Easy on the eyes!

I made this one…


…for the bedroom door


and this one…

photo 1

…for the bathroom door.


and this big one…


for the front door!

photo 3

This could be a fun project with you and your kids.

And for those of you with newer homes and perfectly levelled doors that don’t need door stoppers…well I bet your coffee is always warm isn’t it!

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