EASY DIY Mirror Box


I have a thing for mirrors. I like that they can make a room look bigger, add more light and who doesn’t like checking themselves out? Come on, be honest.

Anyway, I had bought some cheap square mirrors a while back (from Xcess Cargo I think?) for crafts and recently found them in my basement. Bad Evelyn, buying things and hoarding them. I don’t even remember the price anymore, but I know it was a good deal.

So I found them and my interest for making them into something was rekindled. But I didn’t want to just glue them to the wall or hang them somewhere. So I made this mirror box and I like how it turned out. You can use it to showcase little trinkets or place it in a dark corner for some light.

Building it was easy, I just made a square frame to size, then I used two pieces of wood, wood glue and clamps to make guides on the inside of the frame so that it would hold it in place and the mirror doesn’t fall out the back like so:

20140714_174914 20140714_174925

Then I glued down the mirror with this industrial strength glue :


Added some nails and string to the back like this (if you want to hang it up):


And I can tell you it’s pretty sturdy. I’ve been moving it around all day photographing it. It seemed like it took me longer to photograph the thing than to build it. I must have taken about twenty photos and to my dismay only a few were OK to post, even then not great ones for the matter. Who knew photographing mirrors would be such a daunting task? It was mostly because I was trying to avoid getting any furniture or lines in the reflection of the mirrors which would cause it to look messy, including myself. Umm, yeah, bad hair day. But these are the survivor photos…

20140730_141817   20140730_142354

20140730_141953   20140730_143047

 I’ll be making more in the future. Maybe as Christmas gifts.

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