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Why Work Overtime?


So I started my new desk job last week and I spent all of last weekend working on a document that my boss only looked at for 30 seconds.

And the worst part of it is? I’m doing it all over again this weekend.

Ahh, back to the working life.

I’m a strong supporter of doing work at work and only working overtime when it is necessary.

Part of why I’m working overtime is because I really enjoy doing graphic design (and can’t believe I’m getting paid for it). The other part is because I had a 9-month hiatus from my previous desk job, so it’s like I had a nice long vacation and feeling recharged but more importantly, I could use that extra cash…BUT I still sleep when I need to and I wouldn’t care if they got mad if I didn’t finish it for Monday.

I am just that kind of person, the kind who has never been afraid of losing their job – which might not be such a good thing. But I’ve learnt that when I work overtime, I am the one who is doing the the company a favour and if they can’t see that, then I don’t want to work for that kind of company anyway.

If you struggle with this, then, in the words of Oprah, “You need to know your worth.”

Loyalty Needs to Be A Two Way Street, Even with Companies

I’m a loyal person. I used to think that I would do my very, very best and then the company will see my value, reward me, maybe give me a raise or a promotion, and maybe I’ll be a shareholder someday, then I’ll be rich and everything will be great…

But now, with some experience under my belt, I know that THAT is entirely BS.

I’ve seen old-timer employees that have stuck around for decades and work harder than anyone else, but they are never compensated enough for it. They get some perks here and there…but usually there’s some newcomer that’s lazy and a horrible waste of air that is being rewarded ten-fold more in salary and position. All because the newcomer asks or demands for it, and the old-timer did not.

So my theory is, do your best in what you can, but never burn yourself out for the “possibility of getting a raise or a promotion.”

The reality of it is, your boss probably thinks of you as an investment and expects you bring him many happy returns. And you think of your company an investment for your future and your career (if you don’t already think that, you need to start thinking like that) So they need you as much as you need them, probably more.

Remember, there are two sides that are investing simultaneously: one side invests money (pays you your salary) and the other, invests time (i.e. you working weekdays from 8-5). Since you can always make more money, but you can never buy more time, I’d say your investment priorities trumps theirs. So let them make the first move by rewarding you and then, you return the favour.

However, if your company has already proven that they value you as much as you value them, then go right ahead and help them out. But do it because you want to do it. Risking your mental and physical health for a company that doesn’t value you is NOT the way to go.

Ultimately, you will know what the best decision is, but if you feel that there is injustice and people are just using you, trust your gut. Those feelings do not come out of nowhere.

And if ya need the money like me, then why not?

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