The Thanksgiving Countdown Begins…

fall-leaves-images-4The leaves are falling, which means the Canadian Turkey Day is just around the corner!

Only 3 weeks away and still lots to be done!

And this year, I’m already stressed out!

Well, because I start my new job next week and I also have my French classes twice a week. And on top of that, this year, thanks to my fiancé, we’re having 10 people over.

That’s 2 more than I’ve ever had for a sit-down dinner. Our table fits 8 and that’s a little cramped, and now we have 2 more guests that we’re not sure where to put.

And I want to paint the feature wall before guests arrive.

But that’s okay, that’s the fun of hosting what hosting is all about. Getting all flustered and then figuring it all out. I hope.

When I’m stressed about something, I go into the “Always Be Prepared” mode, a motto from my scouting days. I try to get as much done before the event actually happens. In fact, if preparing the turkey now were an option, I would do it. Because there is nothing more I hate than to leave everything to the day of.

So today, we went to Ikea, Value Village, and the Dollarama to pick up anything we might need for the party. Napkins, some funnels, a baster, fabric for a table runner and possibly pillow covers, some other things we might need. We also stopped at the Le Chateau outlet for some new work clothes. And I scored a brand new Banana Republic jacket at VV for $40 worth $160.

In regards to the table dilemma. We have 3 options:

1) Buy a whole new other table which I think is a waste since we only have sit-down dinners a few times a year, and less often for a party of 10. It would also be a crime to get rid of our current table. They don’t make them like that anymore, or if they do, they’d cost you an arm and a leg. It’s very charming and heavy. Like an older Italian man.

2) We might have to do buffet style, but I’ve always disliked using my lap as a table and trying to figure out where to put my drink. On the floor or between my legs which is beside my plate?

3) Then we talked about making a table that is the same height and width so we can put them together just for the day and use for something else the rest of the year. This is the solution I like best, but anything can happen.

By the way, I was so excited today when I saw that the pumpkins had arrived in Safeway, and even though it’s a little early, we bought one. One huge ass one. And the best thing is that they weren’t marked for price, and the self-checkout was charging $6.99 for them regardless of size at the moment. It was a steal. I also got three little pumpkins for decoration and I might get more later, but for now I need to make to-do lists. Lists that tell me what I can do weeks before, days before and day of. And maybe a list of lists I have.

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