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Roomba Review for Dog Shedding

At some point in our lives, we decided to adopt a polar bear. We knew a wild polar bear wouldn’t do well in the city, so we opted for one of those Goldars (a golden retriever crossed with a polar bear).

Soon, this little bear cub…


…became this…20140711_223051I stayed the same sized in the photographs for your ease of reference.

Little did we know, she would shed so much. Then while I was away on one of my trips, the chore of vacuuming fell on my fiancé, and he decided enough with the vacuuming and bought a Roomba to keep our bear’s shedding under control.

Verdict? It works well! We use it for day-to-day maintenance – just turn it on and let it do its thing. We still have to do a deep vacuum once a week (or once every two weeks) to get to some of the places it just can’t go, like stairs and certain rugs, but for the most part, we highly recommend it!

If you own a bear, get one:

Koya approves this message!

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