What teaching yoga has taught me.

I’ve been practicing yoga for the past 9 years and in the past year began to teach.

Right now, I’m in Luang Prabang, Laos teaching about 4-6 classes a week. Not too long ago, I spent 7 months teaching on an idyllic island called Koh Chang, which you can read in about a dozen of my other posts.

During my time in Koh Chang, I was tempted to just stay and never leave. Life there was just so easy. Where my resort was located was so far removed from the material world, the closest 7-Eleven about 30-minutes drive away.

I would wake up, teach, spend the day reading and writing, practicing more yoga, visiting friends and doing whatever suited my fancy. My routine sent me into a meditative state of complete bliss, and I felt the most peace I’ve ever felt in my life.

Then one day, as I was teaching a more yin based class, which consists of long hold stretches, I told my students:

“Although it’s tempting to be quite relaxed in these postures, try to exhale a little deeper into these stretches and go slightly past your comfort zone. Pushing yourself past your comfort zone stimulates growth.”

Then it hit me, I was too relaxed, I need to go slightly past my comfort zone. If I stay forever in paradise, how can I grow? So, teaching my students taught me to take my own advice and I decided that although life was easy in this place, I could not stay forever. I needed to move forward and I needed to grow. I need to build something to my name that could serve society in some way. Once I realized that, I didn’t feel bad about leaving. It opened up a new chapter to my story.

So as I sit here in a café in Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, I know that it’s for a reason. The people I meet here continue to provide constant inspiration to move forward in my journey with purpose and motivation.

That is the amazing journey with yoga, it’s so metaphorical, it is full of warriors, cobras and all sorts of other animals. And weaved in with it’s amazing philosophy, you have an all-encompassing guide to life.

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